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In which I share pictures of the Lentil...
giraffe, eric

This week Lentil has mostly been learning to smile!

Tiny little boy on 7th Feb (9 days old)

See how much I have grown. 10th March (5 weeks 5 days)

Lentil modelling some lovely knitted gifts... 16th Feb (2 weeks 2 days)

I think you're never too young to appreciate a good book... 7th Feb (9 days old)

Plenty of growing room left in the cot... Mostly he sleeps in his Moses basket, but sometimes he tries out the big boys bed! 27th Feb (4 weeks 1 day)

A familiar sight in my living room... Cloth nappies all hung up to dry! Oh and check out how many baby cards we got... there are loads on the hearth at the bottom too!

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I finally chose what I wanted to get for him! I cant purchase it until next week when payday hits but afterwards Il get it mailed. Ill let you know the day if actually ships. ♥

:D Thanks, we'll look forward to that! I'm still amazed by the amount of gifts we've recieved! I've hardly had to buy anything at all!

He looks so much like you! That's so cool; most newborns seem to take after their dads.


I'll have to confirm your address too, so I can send you something cute. :)

He had Zac's hairline when he was born, but as he's losing his hair it's really receeding! I think he looks like me because our colouring is similar. Zac is much darker haired with brown/hazel eyes.

I'll send you the address on facebook :D

Love the nappies pic! We will def have cloth ones once we have kids, oh yes.

He is so adorable and gorgeous and you made him! Be still my womb.

:D I'm still blown away by the fact that 6 weeks ago he was wiggling away inside. I'm a Science teacher so I know technically how it all works, but its still incredible!

What a sweetie - and his name really suits him.

I know you are probably overwhelmed with stuff, but if you would like a little handknitted something, do let me have your address (messaging here works)

We have got quite a lot... I managed to finish two blankets, two cardigans and a pair of booties during my pregnancy. My Grandma has knitted quite a bit for him and one of Mum's friends must have been knitting constantly for the whole 9 months (and by some miracle it's all blue... yet we didn't find out his gender until he was born!)

I'll send the address, then if fancy making something you'll know it will find a home where will be well loved! He's starting to get a bit big for his 0-3 month clothes though, so I'd make it in 3-6 as a minimum.

Oh my! He's so cute! I can definitely see little bits of you and zac in him. It's amazing how much he has grown already! He looks like such a peaceful baby too. Awwwwwww. :) :)

Have a little gift all packaged up for you but it's been busy here and I've not had a chance to post it just yet. x

I don't take pictures when he's screaming... that's why he looks so peaceful! Hehehehe...

I think his features are similar to mine, Zac has a much longer face, though his high hairline is all daddy!

I'll look out for a visit from the Posty Man in the next few weeks!

so cute, and wonderful photos

thank you for sharing :)

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