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In which Rosie pig is poorly...
giraffe, eric
We noticed on Sunday that Rosie has a sore foot, it is swollen and she has started biting at the bottom of it and mde it kinda icky... So we bathed it and attmepted to bandage it. Credit to her, she got that bandage off in about 5 seconds!!! Trip to the vets last night set me back £30 and we've got to take her again next week. The vet noticed she has lost a bit of weight but I wonder if that isn't to do with the fact thier food dish is on a little ledge and with sore feet she might have had a bit of trouble getting to it. She also probably has a cyst on one ovary... which is causing a swollen tummy, which is putting extra pressure on her ankles. Only fix for that is to have her spayed, and I just don't fancy putting a 4 year old guinea pig through a general anasethetic.


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Aww, poor Rosie

That said, my sister had a piggle, Dolly, who had numerous cysts and she lived until nearly 7 with them, quite happily.

If her foot is itchy/sore, then I found Germolene the best thing (even with Dougal's bumblefoot) as the local anaesthetic really helped, and it's GP safe.

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