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In which Rosie pig is poorly...
giraffe, eric
We noticed on Sunday that Rosie has a sore foot, it is swollen and she has started biting at the bottom of it and mde it kinda icky... So we bathed it and attmepted to bandage it. Credit to her, she got that bandage off in about 5 seconds!!! Trip to the vets last night set me back £30 and we've got to take her again next week. The vet noticed she has lost a bit of weight but I wonder if that isn't to do with the fact thier food dish is on a little ledge and with sore feet she might have had a bit of trouble getting to it. She also probably has a cyst on one ovary... which is causing a swollen tummy, which is putting extra pressure on her ankles. Only fix for that is to have her spayed, and I just don't fancy putting a 4 year old guinea pig through a general anasethetic.


In which I have stolen a few precious moments for me...
giraffe, eric
When Lentil wakes my day begins... no matter if it is 5am on a Saturday! Except on rare occassions when he sleeps a little longer and at a reasonable hour (say 8am) I can sneak my arm out from under him, creep out of the bedroom like a little mouse and spend a blissful few moments by myself. Going to the bathroom by myself, slurping tea by myself, reading blogs by myself, painting my toenails by myself, just being by myself. Each minute that slips past is precious... I never know how long I will have, when my baby alarm clock will awaken and be ready to start the day!

In which I can't stop singing "Blue, blue, electric blue..."
giraffe, eric

I have wanted a kitchenaid stand mixer for a long time. I do a lot of baking, so it would be well used, but they are very expensive. So decided that I would work out when it was 400 days before my 30th birthday and start saving £1 a day, so I could splash out for my birthday.I did a wedding cake in January and kept aside the money I had been paid to use when we moved house. It was my birthday on Monday (my 29th) and I mostly was given money instead of gifts. I checked how much there was in total and I was only £15 short. Zac said he would pay the £15 as he didn't buy me much (typical boy doing supermarket birthday shopping... I got chocolate pudding and wine!)

So I had two big dilemmas. First of all... What colour to choose? I am currently inspired by this colour scheme for our new kitchen when we move house. With the royal wedding last year and the diamond jubilee this year the red, white and blue theme is really fashionable at the moment, but I think we can make it work in a classic way, and anyway, I have always loved blue...

Should I really spend all that money on myself? I've always been careful with money. I stash it away, waiting for a rainy day. We have been approved on the mortgage for our new house, so all the money is just sitting waiting for us now. Moving house will be happening very soon, so shouldn't I save the money just in case? Should I wait until I have a new kitchen? Do I really need a mixer? I use a little hand mixer at the moment and honestly... it's fine. I had a long chat with Zac in which he convinced me that I deserved this, that I would make good use of it, that it was my money from birthdays and cake making so I should spend it on me and that it was a really beautiful thing that I really wanted!

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you will know that I didn't resist! I did in fact splash out... and
you'll even have seen the pictures.Collapse )
When you're doing such high profile baking as lemon cupcakes for a public meeting of the Womens Institute it's only right you own a kitchenaid mixer!</p>

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In which it's all go for OperationYellowDoor...
giraffe, eric
We made an offer on the house this morning and it was accepted!!! We made one last week 10k below the asking price, but today she accepted 5.5k below asking price. WooHoo!!!
I know it is real, but I can't get too excited yet... it's all subject to surveys and contracts etc etc blah blah legal stuff so I am trying to stay objective.

But I am allowing myself to get excited about Yellow Front Doors... because even if this all falls through (which would really suck!!!) I could still have a yellow front door in another house! Look how amazing it would look...

Just imagine it there, on the middle one... maybe that ugly porch thing needs to go too?...

Inspired by...http://becolorful.typepad.com/becolorful/2010/05/yellow-front-doors-or-not-for-the-faint-of-heart.html

Oh and if I'm you're friend on facebook... maybe my status update about Hot Mustard is making more sense now?

In which we had a lovely first Christmas with Lentil...
giraffe, eric
I was worried about Christmas this year to be honest. I was stubborn and refused to do as we have always done (for the last 7 years) and visit all my family at Mum's on Christmas Day, then zip over to see all TheBoy's family and stay over for the night, then whizxz back over to my Grandma's for a meal on Boxing Day and we end up totally exhausted. Well with a nearly 11 month old Lentil we decided that this wasn't going to be the best plan.

I spent the early part of this week fretting about how it was all ging to turn out, but in the end we've had a great time. Lentils godmother came over in the afternoon with his first present...

Mum, Dad, Our Richard and Gemma came over on Christmas Eve to swap presents. I was all set to do a little buffet, but Mum wouldn't let me... so I just put out a few nibbles. Our Richard turned up straight from a 9 hour shift at work and at all the nibbles in about 10 mins flat, so I ended up making him a sandwich... Never would have had to happen if I'd been allowed to do a buffet would it!!!!

On Christmas Day we woke up not too early.

And got up to open our presents...

TheBoy's parents, sister and aunt came over at 11am (so I still have never been to Church on Christmas day...) We swapped presents (although they mostly gave us money this year) We had a delicious brunch of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and sparkling wine and they left about 1.30pm. We got ourselves organised and went out for a lovely walk...

then back home to watch a film before starting on the dinner... Lentil fell asleep and slept really well for ages! All tired out!

We had to wake him up for dinner... which he really loved!

Boxing Day we went over to my Mum's for a quick lunch, called in to see Grandma and Grandad and then over to my other Grandma's for tea. It was nice to spend time with that side of the family as we don't see them anywhere near as often as we used to. But my Grandma's house is not baby friendly... and when you have 12 people in one room it's really not baby friendly! I ended up in the dining room most of the night chasing him around under the table! I won the treasure hunt though! Still not quite sure how I managed that, as I was busy with Lentil and didn't get a chance to have a sneaky look before we started and then had to look after him for about half the time everyone was looking anyways! One of the stickers was on the urn that Grandad's ashes are in... I had to blink away a tear when I discovered that one. My Grandma is so together about the whole thing, but it still gets to me. More so when she is so together...

It's been a quiet one, much slower paced than in previous years, but I have enjoyed that... everything was done on our terms and it never felt like we were rushing around to fit into other people's schedules... Next up is TheBoy's birthday on Friday, then we're having friends over for a tapas type meal on New Year's Eve and then seeing all the family again at Mum's on New Years Day. TheBoy is only working Wed and Thur this week and then is off until Jan 9th. Hopefully this means we can get all the paperwork sorted for the house and get ourselves in a position to make an offer. Yes, that does mean we have pretty much decided that we're going for it!!! Williamson Towers will be my project for 2012!

In which I got my act together...
giraffe, eric

A friend introduced me to a blog a few months ago called <a href="http://attic24.typepad.com/">Attic 24</a> and I find it so inspiring. Her house is so beautiful and can't be more than an hour from here, I'd recognise a Yorkshire stone terrace of houses and those beautiful hills a mile off! She crochets some amazing things and has 3 wonderful children. Her life clearly revolves around creating a beautiful home for her family.

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and signed up for flylady emails. It could be overwhelming as I received about 25 a day, but they drip drip drip away and slowly the messages are sinking in. To be honest though I haven't really got my CHAOS under control yet.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day in a pretty difficult week, for reasons I can't be bothered to explain. When I finally sat down with a cup of tea I thought I would have a quick catch up with the blogs I read... so imagine my surprise to find the Attic 24 lady has discovered flylady! I was fascinated to see how she has adapted the system, particularly when she cleared her kitchen hotspots and listed everything she found there.

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon rediscovering the top of my fridge and tumble dryer. I pulled them both out and vacuumed up the dead spiders underneath. I cleaned all the dryer vents and then all the filters on my washer.  It looks much better and I hope by doing a little often I'll finally get there!

I have also been throwing away things I no longer need. I cleared out my pants drawer, throwing away loads of old pairs, because they were either uncomfy or digustingly grey/bobble/holey etc... I deserve better!!  I have also thrown out a pair of PJ bottoms that were really old looking and a bed sheet that had a mystery stain on it!

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In which I have my fingers crossed...
giraffe, eric

The interviews for my jobshare are today. I spoke to Candice yesterday and she said there were 3 candidates. One of them has got to be good enough, right? I bloody hope so. If not then I don't know what I'll do.  I can't go back full time. I love my little Lentil too much to leave him full time.... I wouldn't go back at all if I could help it, but financially that isn't a possibility. I've not even properly considered how we'll survive on my part-time wage, but surely people find themselves in worse situations and survive. I've made this decision purely emotionally. If we struggle it might put a bit of pressure on TheBoy to get a better job, but he keeps insisting he is well now. Whenever he has a wobble my first thought is always about depression and never that he might just be tired and emotionally drained like me!

Things are a bit tough at the moment. Lentil is just settling down after. his crazy growth spurt... these have been 2 really tough weeks and the first time I've found breastfeeding truly difficult. He went from a pretty manageable three hour feeding routine to a totally unpredictable madness wanting to feed every hour at times... apparently week 19 is generally the worst but he'll only he 17 weeks tomorrow. I seriously hope he is just an early developer and we don't have to go through it all again. Everything I've read calls it the four month growth spurt and says it can start from week 15!

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In which I made a ticker for Lentil...
giraffe, eric
I posted this on my user info, but thought I would add it here too...

And how about this one...

Cloth Nappy Tree

In which I am updating from my shiny new phone...
giraffe, eric
I have finally given in and upgraded my mobile phone. This update is brought to you via my shiny new htc desire.

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In which I share pictures of the Lentil...
giraffe, eric

This week Lentil has mostly been learning to smile!

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