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In which I have my fingers crossed...
giraffe, eric

The interviews for my jobshare are today. I spoke to Candice yesterday and she said there were 3 candidates. One of them has got to be good enough, right? I bloody hope so. If not then I don't know what I'll do.  I can't go back full time. I love my little Lentil too much to leave him full time.... I wouldn't go back at all if I could help it, but financially that isn't a possibility. I've not even properly considered how we'll survive on my part-time wage, but surely people find themselves in worse situations and survive. I've made this decision purely emotionally. If we struggle it might put a bit of pressure on TheBoy to get a better job, but he keeps insisting he is well now. Whenever he has a wobble my first thought is always about depression and never that he might just be tired and emotionally drained like me!

Things are a bit tough at the moment. Lentil is just settling down after. his crazy growth spurt... these have been 2 really tough weeks and the first time I've found breastfeeding truly difficult. He went from a pretty manageable three hour feeding routine to a totally unpredictable madness wanting to feed every hour at times... apparently week 19 is generally the worst but he'll only he 17 weeks tomorrow. I seriously hope he is just an early developer and we don't have to go through it all again. Everything I've read calls it the four month growth spurt and says it can start from week 15!

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Looking forward to the photos!

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