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In which I got my act together...
giraffe, eric

A friend introduced me to a blog a few months ago called <a href="">Attic 24</a> and I find it so inspiring. Her house is so beautiful and can't be more than an hour from here, I'd recognise a Yorkshire stone terrace of houses and those beautiful hills a mile off! She crochets some amazing things and has 3 wonderful children. Her life clearly revolves around creating a beautiful home for her family.

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and signed up for flylady emails. It could be overwhelming as I received about 25 a day, but they drip drip drip away and slowly the messages are sinking in. To be honest though I haven't really got my CHAOS under control yet.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day in a pretty difficult week, for reasons I can't be bothered to explain. When I finally sat down with a cup of tea I thought I would have a quick catch up with the blogs I read... so imagine my surprise to find the Attic 24 lady has discovered flylady! I was fascinated to see how she has adapted the system, particularly when she cleared her kitchen hotspots and listed everything she found there.

I spent a good chunk of this afternoon rediscovering the top of my fridge and tumble dryer. I pulled them both out and vacuumed up the dead spiders underneath. I cleaned all the dryer vents and then all the filters on my washer.  It looks much better and I hope by doing a little often I'll finally get there!

I have also been throwing away things I no longer need. I cleared out my pants drawer, throwing away loads of old pairs, because they were either uncomfy or digustingly grey/bobble/holey etc... I deserve better!!  I have also thrown out a pair of PJ bottoms that were really old looking and a bed sheet that had a mystery stain on it!

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I read both Flylady and Attic ... both inspiring in different ways :)

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